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     I got a clean carpet with ease just by putting a call in the experts at Botany Bay Carpet Cleaning. If people's carpets are in a state, I implore others to do the same.
Barry W19/05/2020
     While there are quite a few cleaning services, this company had the lowest rates. They got the flat completely clean within a couple of hours. They'll be coming back once a week.
Brett W.19/09/2019
      Carpet Cleaning Company Botany Bay was made for those that are extremely busy and barely available or for the very lazy. Amazing cleaners!
     If you want an easier carpet clean, don't try new detergents or whatnot; instead, juts call up Botany Bay Carpet Cleaning. They have done wonders for me, as they have seen to my carpets twice now. Both times they were able to get rid of every stain, speck of dirt, hair, crumb or whatever. My carpets aren't just clean as they have restored colour and texture, making them look as good as new. A fantastic service I have to recommend.
Gwen Platt24/09/2015
     Before our firstborn was to come home, I hired Carpet Cleaner Botany Bay to clean our house. My wife's pregnancy was tough on her; hence we could not prepare the house for our son's arrival. The team arrived a day in advance to suggest the areas they would tackle. Home cleaning is a massive undertaking and they took really nice care of the house. The sofa, mattress and curtains are now dust free. The bathrooms have never looked so spotless. Thank you for your service.
Mr and Mrs Graham19/08/2015
     I had spilled wine on my wife's new rug and I needed it cleaned quickly. I knew I couldn't do it myself so I quickly called Carpet Cleaning Company Botany Bay. They assured me they could clean it before my wife returned a few days later. The cleaner arrived the next day and within the hour the stain was gone. They saved my life and I know I'll keep their number in mind just in case this happens again.
F. S.27/05/2015
     BotanyBayCarpetCleaners is, by far, one of the best servicing companies I have ever worked with. The customer support people are really nice and they provide you with all the info you need (including a quote that's actually genuine), the contractors are polite, hard-working and very attentive of all the details and the prices are absolutely great especially if you take into consideration the high quality of the service.
John C.17/03/2015

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